The FIX is a new project focused on engaging families of all ages in meaningful acts of kindness and volunteering in our communities. One Sunday a month, families can join together and make an “off” day into a day of purpose, meaning and fun! From distributing food to homeless, assisting in food drive for Passover, visiting the elderly, and crafting for kids in hospitals, the FIX aims to include everyone in the family with this important and inspiring work of giving back to our community.

The mission of the Jewish people is Tikkun Olam – Repairing the World. Every positive act we do is a part of the puzzle. The FIX is an opportunity for every person in the family, from 2 to 120, to be involved in acts of giving, caring and community. Further, doing this as a family brings families together and demonstrates to children what is important.


Did You Know...

Parental and Childhood Volunteering:
"There is evidence that family and childhood experiences have some effect on the propensity to volunteer. 66% of volunteers reported that their parents had done some voluntary work compared to 44% of non-volunteers. 43% of adult volunteers had undertaken some voluntary work as a child compared to 27% of adult non-volunteers."

Life Satisfaction:
When asked about their overall life satisfaction, 82% of volunteers reported that they were delighted, pleased or mostly satisfied with their lives, compared to 75% of non-volunteers.

To get involved or attend an event, please contact Rabbi Elisha Mandel,