Accounting Department

We are always here to help you make your donation to Aish Toronto an easy experience. 

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Wendy Sacks - Bookeeper

Wendy Sacks has been the Aish Toronto Bookkeeper since 2012.

Originally from South Africa, Wendy has been in Canada since 1994.

In her role as Bookkeeper, Wendy ensures that Aish Toronto accounts are prepared according to generally accepted accounting principles. She performs multiple accounting functions for Aish Toronto including:

·        Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

·        Hasbara program

·        The Jewish Family Institute program

·        Fellowships and Poland Trips

·        Aish Leaders

·        Annual Aish Gala; Wendy liaises with the Event Coordinator and all staff in providing updated daily reports.

Wendy  can be reached at or 905-764-1818 ext 212 in regards to any questions you may have including:

·        Paying an invoice

·        Your annual CRA Donation receipt  

·        Donating to Aish Toronto or any of our programs


Zack Garelick - COO

With a large overview of the Operations of the Organization, Zack is always available to let you know where your generous donation is going. Let us show you how YOU can make a huge difference. 

905-764-1818 ext 223