Aish Toronto's Five Year Vision is to build 1,000 Partners who will join with Aish Toronto in taking responsibility for the Jewish People.


The most incredible and inspiring Jewish educators alone cannot change the face of the Jewish people and allow us to achieve our Vision. Trust us, we know because we have them on staff. In order to reconnect the entire Jewish people to their heritage and mission, we need your help.

Aish Toronto was built on the principle of lay people taking responsibility for the Jewish people. Aish Toronto has not built two shuls and impacted tens of thousands around the city and changed the way people look at Judaism in Toronto, our partners have. Our first shul was built when 5 people sat down one day and decided Aish Toronto needed a centre. Our second shul was built when 3 people sat down one day and decided Aish needed a centre in Thornhill. All major changes in the Jewish community come through the community, not the professionals.

Every Jew plays a vital role and is an important piece of the puzzle. Whether it is hosting a Shabbat meal, making a challah for a family who just had a baby, taking a bit of time out of your week to share a Jewish thought with a friend, or giving tzedaka, everyone can do something. If you want to help, but don`t know how, reach out to us and let us know.

Now more than ever, the Jewish people need our help. And we need your help. Partner with us in changing the face of Jewish Toronto, today. Join us today and at the end of 2019, stand shoulder to shoulder with us and we can look back and take pleasure in what we have accomplished.

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