The Aish Leadership Program is a breakthrough program designed to develop future Jewish leaders who take responsibility for the world.

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The program is a weekly program delivered over the course of a semester providing Jewish students with the wisdom of their heritage and the tools to make a difference on campus and in their future communities.

Students attend a weekly session which includes a class on Judaism’s hot button topics such as:

  • ‘Why do bad things happen to good people’

  • ‘Can you be good without God’,

  • Leadership,

  • Pleasure,

  • Values,

  • Happiness,

  • Love,

  • Sex,

  • Free-will,

  • Suffering,

  • Antisemitism, etc.

  • as well as a presentation from a local community leader.

Participants who complete the program in good standing earn a $400 honorarium.

In the past ten years, over 1,000 students have participated in this impactful leadership program with over 150 current annual participants.

Winter 2018 Program Details:

Starting Monday, October 8th, 2018
9 group sessions, 7:30-10:00pm
2 one-on-one meetings with the rabbi
2 Shabbat experiences & journal

Ages 18-25
(applicants don't have to be in university)


Rabbi Shlomo Blackman -