Our Team

It just doesn't get better than this.


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Rabbi Mitch Mandel

Executive Director

So did you know that:

My wife Leora and I were one of the 5 original founding members of Aish Toronto

I light my hat on fire at most weddings...for fun!

I'm from Barstow, California!

I was the MVP of the my high school basketball team.

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Zack Garelick


So did you know that:

I have ran 3 full Marathons (that's 42.2k!) and a half Marathon.

I was the first boy born on my moms side in 36 years.

I am the king of the Grill. You are always welcome to come by for some of my famous BBQ Chicken.

My nickname in camp was Spot.

I have 5 kids, 4 of which are wild, awesome, crazy, adventurous boys.

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Wendy Sacks


Awesome Shuls

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Rabbi Elisha & Rebbetzin Fraidy Mandel

@ Thornhill Woods Shul

So did you know:

Rabbi Elisha’s nick name in high school was Lightning

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Rabbi Avram Rothman

@ Aish Thornhill Community Center

So did you know:

I was born in Syracuse and Ruthy was born in Japan.

My babysitter as a child won the Nobel Prize in Biology

I was on stage with Greg Ullman and the Ullman Brothers at the Molson Amphatheatre

I am Lorne Haynes’ Rabbi

I have done 3 half marathons

I am friends with Allan Ginzburg, three times National Endowment for the Arts winner.

Greatest Accomplishments:

Our shul has grown from 72 families to 215 in the time that i’ve been here.

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The Hochs and Sytners

@ The Village Shul

World Class Campus and

Young Professional Team

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Josh Kaller

@ Professional Networks

So did you know that:

I have been a musician for over 18 years. Loves playing original compositions and jamming. Please don't ask him to play Stairway to Heaven.

My hebrew name is Ephraim. My english name is Joshua. Thanks Mom ; )

I love to grill.

I adore antiquities. It's something I got from being schlepped along on Sundays to boring stores. Now, its hard for me to turn an eye from a great classic. Thanks Mom ; )

Ultimate Frisby is my favourite sport.

Some of my accomplishments include:

I think one of my greatest accomplishments was joining Yeshiva after becoming a lawyer. It took super human confidence to believer that "I won't lose out." In the end, listening to the quiet confident voice inside brought me to a path and life that is filled with joy, meaning, and light. Choosing to listen to that voice is my accomplishment.

One of the smallest and and sweetest efforts I undertook was when I was a leader on University of Florida campus. I created a GED program for people in transitional housing. We provided free tutoring, testing, and scholarship opportunities to pursue undergraduate degrees. The program has one successful graduate. It taught me that bettering one person's life is enough to justify all the sweat.

I am thrilled to joined the AISH Team and Family. This is an exhilarating time and opportunity to reveal how Judaism is the most sophisticated professional development technology out there. My job and mission is to show our generation how!

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Rabbi Shlomo Blackman

So did you know that:

I'm an LTI WSI water instructor.

Been to Cairo Egypt in a kafia.

Ran a company for 11 years called "S&B" .

Married the first girl I ever went out with.

I'm the youngest of four boys, I have 3 boys and my oldest brothers has triplet girls!

Some of my accomplishments include:

Receiving my rabbinical ordination from the Jerusalem Kollel

Built up teen programs from zero to 200 weekly in one year

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Matti Blackman

So did you know that:

I can pretend to speak 8 different languages.

I have experience flying small planes.

I was the first person to ever be accepted to my highschool (also the first that ever interviewed but hey...)

I was the youngest partner in Torah at age 8 teaching a woman 48 years my senior.

I am one of 14 trained motivational speakers for Mikvah USA.

I'm a licensed massage therapist and Zumba instructor

Some of my accomplishments include:

Raising my 3 delicious boys.

Receiving my masters in Jewish Education and administration.

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Mandy Greenspan

Campus Coordinator

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Liat Garelick

Educator and Public Relations

So did you know that:

I was born in Jerusalem and lived in Israel till I was 7. I grew up in Montreal.

I met my husband in Scarborough.

I have my Masters in Art History.

I was a boating and canoeing specialist and my happy place is on a Kayak.

I danced as a hip hop animator for a DJ company as one of my first jobs.

Greatest Accomplishments:

Regular date nights with my husband for the past 11 years.

Mostly keeping it together when our 5 awesome kids be KIDS.

Israel Advocacy Team

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Robert Walker

Canadian Director of Hasbara Fellowships

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Yesy Gilels

Campus Advisor @ Hasbara Fellowships

So did you know that:

I was born in Netanya, Israel

I speak Russian fluently

I am related to a famous Russian Pianist named Emil Gilels

Really great at accents (especially Persian)

Switched majors in university to Jewish Studies and Philosophy

Greatest accomplishments:

Founded pro-Israel club at UofT called Ontario Leaders Advocacy Mission (OLAM) https://www.facebook.com/olamTO/

First one in her immediate family to take strides towards growing in her Judaism.


Pearl Kraft

High School Advisor

Did you know that:

- I studied abroad in Ireland for 5 months

- I go to the same dentist as Drake

- My Hebrew name is actually Yiddish, not Hebrew (it's Pira)

- I have a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design

- Im an Avid Baker

Jewish Family Institute

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Ellie Bass

Director of Yetta Nashman Jewish Family Institute

So did you know that:

Ive lived for extended periods of time in Norway, England, California, Israel and Germany.

I toured for 8 years with a professional dance company all over the globe.

I don’t like herring.

Ive been meditating and doing Tai Chi for 25 years.

I read fantasy novels in my spare time.

Greatest Accomplishments:

Becoming an awesome wife and amazing mother! and what I mean by that is that they are still alive!!

Growing the JFI to 3000 participants in the last 3 years!!