Executive Learning

At one point or another, we begin to wonder about our heritage, to consider learning more about our history, to ask the difficult questions in life. The scheduling demands of the modern executive are extensive and difficult and the work-life balance is often hard to strike. This is why Aish Toronto offers our Executive Learning program to those individuals daring enough to introspect, bold enough to try something new, audacious enough to delve into the depth of Jewish thought. 

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What is Executive Learning:

Aish Toronto’s one-on one, Executive Learning Program (ELP), brings together Jewish professionals of any level of observance and a rabbi in a comfortable and convenient setting. Much like a personal trainer, you’ll meet with a learned rabbi, at a time and a place convenient for you, who will engage, connectand enrich your knowledge of Jewish thought, Jewish ethics, Kabbalah, Jewish philosophy, Torah, Talmud, spirituality, improving your relationships or marriages, business ethics or just finding a better way of living… or any Jewish subject of your choice.
Discussions, idea sharing, questioning, and challenging are all encouraged. Whether you seek to connect to our rich history or to channel this ancient wisdom into your daily life, this personalized learning initiative will be a valuable asset to you and your family.


Why Should I Join ELP?

Because you’ll love it.  Our rabbis (who will meet you when and where you want) have one foot in the secular world and one in the spiritual. We can discuss marriage, relating to your children, current events, business ethics, Kabbalah or Led Zeppelin – whatever works for you.  Many of our folks who first give it a try ask “Why didn’t anyone teach me how relevant and useful Jewish wisdom is in our lives today?!”

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I Just Don’t Have Time

We understand that – who does? But we kinda do for things that matter – and we humbly submit that learning with us matters much more than you think. We can help you have a much better marriage, understand big ideas like the meaning of life and death and your place and purpose in the world and be more successful and happy in business.  Would that be worth making time for?