Northern Toronto (Richmond Hill/Maple/Thornhill Woods) has seen unprecedented growth and one of the largest influxes of Jewish families in a condensed geographical space in Canada, thereby making this the opportune time for Aish to have a huge impact on the thousands of young Jewish families in the area.

Rabbi Elisha and Fraidy spearhead Aish Toronto’s efforts in this fastest growing Jewish community in North America. The Mandels offer personal home learning in small groups on a variety of topics- from Torah study to marriage classes, the Meaning of Shabbat and the Philosophy of Judaism. These intimate, fun and informative sessions have proven to be popular and the attendance keeps growing!

Fraidy has conducted a number of “Amen parties”- where a group of women gather to say blessings, answer Amen and learn Jewish wisdom. Over 60 women have participated thus far with plans to expand the program. Rabbi Elisha and Fraidy each give a weekly marriage class with many participants attending each class. They also meet with the couples on an individual basis to mentor and educate them on our timeless Jewish heritage and in this way, are forming enduring bonds with the families. Fraidy recently co-led a JWRP/Aish Toronto and Aish Thornhill Community Shul Women’s Mission to Israel for 12 days. The 20 participants toured Israel, studied Judaism from our greatest educators in the Holy Land and were introduced to Judaism in a new and exciting way that they will be able to share back home with their families.

They have arranged numerous educational and engaging programming including a lecture by Rabbi Ken Spiro on Israel, Adrienne Gold on self-image in the modern world, holiday events and much more. All the programs are built with an emphasis on how Judaism is relevant and meaningful for everyday, impactful living.