Located at 1072 Eglinton Avenue West, the Village Shul and Aish HaTorah Learning Centre is a unique community shul in Toronto. It was founded by a group of dedicated Aish students who wanted a synagogue in the Forest Hill Village, based on the style of Aish HaTorah. Rabbi Ahron and Rebbetzin Faigy Hoch lead this dynamic institution. The Village Shul, built of majestic Jerusalem stone, sits calmly on bustling Eglinton Avenue. Walking through its doors, you are greeted by a community that smiles. Each guest is welcomed warmly and accepted. After services, many newcomers are delighted to be invited to a warm, delicious Shabbat lunch at a new friend’s home.

“There is no shul like the Village Shul. The sense of community, excitement, and the outstanding leadership by the Hochs makes the Village Shul a truly unique shul.”

Through the Jewish Family Institute, the Village Shul has developed a reputation for being a leader in family-oriented programming in the GTA. The JFI was created with the vision of Yetta Nashman z”l to promote healthy and positive learning and growth for all ages and stages of Jewish families in our large Toronto Jewish community. Using the wisdom of Torah and the best of modern psychology, the JFI helps make good people, good families and good communities great.

Meeting the members of the Village Shul you are struck by a special enthusiasm and exuberance. People here are motivated to grow spiritually and enrich themselves with the wisdom of the Torah. As well there is a passion for active leadership. Members of The Village Shul live with the mandate of taking responsibility for creating positive change in the world. Whether the issue is Jewish identity, Israel advocacy or a community organization that needs help, The Village Shul takes a leading role.