Jewish learning is the cornerstone of Aish Toronto’s work. Aish Toronto Rabbis and Rebbetzins offer weekly classes and one on one learning sessions to close to 200 students on all levels.

The common denominator of all the classes is the concept of practical life wisdom. The Learn It – Live It program brings lessons from Jewish texts which are designed to give students life wisdom;  wisdom which helps to explain the complexities and mystery of life; wisdom which translates into living a more pleasurable and meaningful life.  Hence, learning leads to living. Crucial questions are discussed in an open and frank atmosphere.  What is the purpose of life?  What is free will?  What is happiness?  How is love developed?  Topics range from introductory courses such as, Judaism 101 and Optimal Relationships, to advanced courses and text based study, with classes like The Living Torah, The Philosophy of the Sabbath and Talmud.

Sponsored generously by Mrs. Bonny Silver in loving memory of her beloved father Mr. Harold Vogel z”l.


For more information on this program, please contact Rabbi Gavriel Mandel, the Director of Education,