Past Events include

o    How to get into Med School
o    Mock MCAT Day
o    Professionals Meet and Greet
o    Judaism and the Healing Profession
o    Wine and Cheese Event
o    Euthanasia: An Ethical and Legal Crossroad
o    How to get a Research Position
o    Stethescopes and Matza Balls
o    Professional Panel Event
o    Ethics in Drug Addiction
o    Ethics in Organ Transplants
o    Tighten up your Interview Skills
o    Tests on the Road to Becoming a Health Care Professional
o    Meet the Professionals
o    A Day in the Life: Networking and Research Opportunities in Healthcare

Past Speakers

o    Dr. Michael Bloom, Anesthesiologist
o    Dr. Tara Bloom, Family Doctor
o    Talya Kleinberg, Occupational Therapist
o    Enny Herskovits, Registered Nurse
o    Dr. Gary Newton, Cardiologist
o    Dr. Sharon Unger, Neonatology – Hospital for Sick Children
o    Dr. Chaim Bell, Internal Medicine, Mount Sinai Hospital
o    Andrea Nathanson, Registered Nurse, Quali care Family Homecare
o    Dr. Jon Gasner, Dentist, Owner of Gasner Dental Associates
o    Elizabeth Udler, Physiotherapist
o    Dr. Brian Herschenfield, Pediatric Nephrologist and Researcher
o    Dr. Brian Schwartz, Chief of Emergency Preparedness, Public Health Ontario
o    Dr. Sherry Taub, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
o    Dr. Sharon Reiter, Child and Adolecent Psychiatry
o    Dr. Judith Shamian, President and CEO of VON Canada

The JHN is constantly introducing new speakers and mentors across the medical spectrum. If there is a field you are interested in and you have not seen a speaker from, please let us know.


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