One on One Learning

Your time. Your place. Your Judaism. 

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Your Time. 

We all want more meaning in life. We are all very busy. Let us set you up to learn at your time. When you can make it work. Be it early in the morning, late at night, on your carpool route, or while your on the treadmill. 

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Your Place. 

We cant all make it out to all of Aish Toronto's amazing classes. Its hard to make it the classes across the city, every night of the week. Sometimes, the couch just works better. Sometimes the local coffee shop is just more quaint. Let us set you up. 

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Your Judaism. 

A Judaism personal trainer. A customized, special fit, relationship just for you. Learn exactly what you want to learn at your pace. There are so many facets to Judaism, learn any and all of it. 

and love every minute.