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Get Your Give On!

Calling all #kindnesswarriors ! 

This is your chance to change the world for the better with whatever you've got. We get together as a whole community -

kids, friends, parents, aunts, uncles, neighbours, get the picture - and do hands on work for great organizations that are

taking care of others. 


Did You Know...

Parental and Childhood Volunteering:
"There is evidence that family and childhood experiences have some effect on the propensity to volunteer. 66% of volunteers reported that their parents had done some voluntary work compared to 44% of non-volunteers. 43% of adult volunteers had undertaken some voluntary work as a child compared to 27% of adult non-volunteers."

Life Satisfaction:
When asked about their overall life satisfaction, 82% of volunteers reported that they were delighted, pleased or mostly satisfied with their lives, compared to 75% of non-volunteers.


To get involved or attend an event, please contact Ellie Bass,